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By N Manohar Reddy
A new book on Telugu film shows that the cultural industry was tied up with caste and regional politics.
The art of statelessness  10 February 2014
By Rudra Rakshit and Lora Tomas
Fragments of the lives of the Rohingya refugees in Jammu
By Ahilan Kadirgamar
A recent talk on the need for democratic mobilisation of resources and a politics of self-reflexivity in rebuilding Sri Lanka’s...
A room of his own  4 February 2014
By Lora Tomas
In conversation with Goa-based poet Manohar Shetty
Musharraf’s last stand  30 January 2014
By Sher Ali Khan
A look at the difficulties and implications of trying a military ruler in Pakistan as Musharraf prepares to leave the country....
By Taran N Khan
Reflections on the recent attack targetting a Kabul institution, the Taverna du Liban restaurant.
Inside and Out  17 January 2014
By Annie McCarthy
New queer writing from Southasia suggests shifts in attitudes since 2009.
Archives of Southasia  14 January 2014
By The Editors
In celebrating the reissue of Himal’s first print quarterly, we offer a series of articles on the state of archiving in...
By N P Chekkutty
The world celebrated the tercentenary of writer Laurence Sterne (1713- 1768) in 2013. A tribute to the woman who inflamed...
Courting prospects  9 January 2014
By Sreedeep
Despite state overtures, localised identities provide a powerful argument against Baltistan’s coarsely wrought borders....
Autonomy under siege  7 January 2014
By Freny Manecksha
Three women in the militarised spaces of Kashmir describe traumatic accounts of sexual violence and their struggles to gain...
Seeding the future  31 December 2013
By Smriti Mallapaty
The use of modern seeds stands to erode the genetic diversity of local seed varieties in Nepal
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The archive: 25 years of Southasia
Image: Penguin India
Penguin India withdraws The Hindus
On 11 February 2014, Penguin India decided to recall and destroy all remaining copies of Wendy Doniger’s book The Hindus: An Alternative History. The decision was part of an agreement between them and Shiksha Bachao Andolan, a Hindu campaign group that filed a case against the publishers in 2010, arguing that the book was insulting to Hindus and contained “heresies”.

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